Answers to frequently asked questions

To register LingoClick with your license data, please right-click on the LingoClick icon in the system tray (this is the area usually at the bottom right of the screen, next to the clock) and select "License...". This will open a window where you can enter your license data and register LingoClick.

These error messages indicate that your system (for example, through a firewall or a proxy server) prevents the download of Javascript files, which dict.cc needs to function properly. In this case, you can usually also not use dict.cc properly in your "normal" browser.

Please note that LingoClick uses the Internet Explorer of your system internally, so the following help is also valid if you normally use another browser.

Please make sure you have the latest version of the Internet Explorer installed, and LingoClick and the Internet Explorer of your system can access all the components of the dict.cc page. If necessary, delete the Internet Explorer browser cache.

If the error messages persist, you can read what Microsoft recommends to disable the annoying display of these errors:


Unfortunately, sporadic false alarms are not unusual. Until now, all reported incidents were false alarms without exception. We assure you that LingoClick's original installation files are tested to the best of our knowledge and free of viruses.

If you ever get a virus warning for a LingoClick file, we ask you to check it with http://VirusTotal.com. If there is a confirmation of an attack, please contact us.