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LingoClick is based on the popular online dictionary "" and offers you an extremely comprehensive and up-to-the-minute vocabulary in many languages. This allows you to translate a searched word directly to English, French, Spanish, Italian and many other languages with a simple mouse click. If you have found the right translation, you can even have it automatically typed in for you by LingoClick! In addition, you always have the option of accessing quickly through a shortcut key whenever you want to enter a word whose translation you do not know.

LingoClick Features

Translations by Mouse Click

With LingoClick, you can translate words on your screen simply by mouse click.

Compatible with Common Software

LingoClick works with almost every popular software: Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice and many, many more.

No Local Data Required

The dictionary is not stored on your computer - let alone in RAM. In partnership with the online dictionaries "", LingoClick has more than 1.000.000 translations ready for you - without burdening your system. Another advantage is that new translations and (rare) corrections are always up-to-date and immediately available to you, without having to do anything.

Minimum Memory Usage

LingoClick always works in the background and has therefore been optimized to minimize the burden on your system. Thus, LingoClick (especially "in the wait state") needs as good as no processor time and only very little memory.

Optimized Code

LingoClick brings, despite its small size, everything that is required to run and does not depend on a framework like Java or .NET.

Designed for Company Use

An extremely simple installation (also "silent"), low system requirements and a very easy-to-administer licensing makes LingoClick perfectly suitable for use in your company.